Creative Specialties

Creative Specialties
25167 Dequindre
Andy Haffey
Madison Hgts.
(248) 541-2000
Promotional items & apparel, embroidery, incentives
Andy Haffey

I can custom imprint practically any item that exists. I strive to develop unique ways to promote my client's messages to their intended receipts.

My favorite part of my job is researching a project for a client. This is the time I get to use all of my expertise in product knowledge and creativity to develop an item that is totally unique for each promotion.

What separates me from my competitors is the process I use to work with my clients to identify the following for a promotion:
♦ Who will be receiving the item
♦ Theme / Desired response
♦ Quantity and budget
♦ Distribution method
♦ Where you want the item to end up

Then, I research and come up with a creative way to match your message to one of our items to achieve your desired results.

My Specialties:
♦ Promotional products
♦ Safety programs
♦ Awards
♦ Calendars
♦ Advertising
♦ Company web stores
♦ Unique ideas
♦ Warehousing
♦ Fulfillment
♦ T-shirts
♦ Apparel
♦ Corporate gifts
♦ Executive gifts
♦ Golf
♦ Drink wear
♦ Mobile tech
♦ High end gift ideas
♦ Fundraising

Custom Web Store
I can make a custom web store for you to use as a: company store, retail store, fundraiser, etc. We can set this site up with our without inventory, to limit cost and initial investments. Here is a link to a current web store that we have:

Please contact me and we can discuss your individual needs to let me know what works best for you.

Video portfolio of some of our unique ideas
This under three minute shows the results of how we research to match one of our items to your message to achieve the results you are looking to obtain.

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