Start a Group

Requirements for opening a new group:

Sunrise NETWORKING Group is looking to expand & open new groups; we could be interested in expanding a group in your area. Add your name to the continuing list of those who are interested in organizing an SNG Group near you & to get additional information.

Please contact Wayne A. Curto, President/Founder, at (586) 232-3009 / to discuss your involvement with the SNG.



Meeting place:
  1. Facility that will hold at least 40 people
  2. Supply or catered breakfast
  3. Facility that would be interested in becoming a member


Minimum of 20 people:
  1. A minimum of 20 people attending a meeting
  2. A roster of at least 35 people
  3. Members willing to take leadership roles


Membership Ambassador:
  1. Interviewing guests and/or new members & introducing them to the group
  2. In charge of attendance
  3. Contacting/emailing those who have missed meetings


  1. The leader of the meeting/group
  2. Open meetings
  3. Go over networking stories & new events
  4. Introduce current SNG members & speakers
  5. Able to teach networking skills that will be provided by the SNG


Members (what kind of members we’re looking for to join the group):
  1. Business Owners, Professionals, Entrepreneur & Sales Consultants
  2. Willing to commit to (2) breakfast meetings a month
  3. Eager to network & promote each other’s business
  4. Attending 1 after hour networking function a month